St. Katharine Drexel Shelter

The new shelter is named for St. Katharine Drexel, an heiress to a banking fortune and advocate for the poor. She walked away from her inheritance and choose instead to work for justice among the poor and oppressed. A generous gift from Drexel Building Supply made possible the naming of the shelter.

We are grateful to the many community leaders who have joined the effort to help us carry out our mission and provide a path to self-sufficiency to those who need it most.

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A Path To Self-Sufficiency

Working Together For Good

With generous support from the community, together we will build and operate the new St. Katharine Drexel Shelter to provide a safe and structured living environment for singles and families experiencing homelessness.

Once in our stable environment, they will have access to programs and support that offer short-term crisis intervention and long-term goal planning with the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency.

Fond du Lac Homeless Shelter on 05/23/22.
Fond du Lac homeless shelter building plans (first floor).
Fond du Lac homeless shelter building plans (basement level).

What We're Building

20,000-square-foot year-round shelter @
the future address of :
358 N. Peters Ave., Fond du Lac, WI 54935

• Family shelter to privately house 15 families
• Singles shelter for 12 women and 24 men
• Comfortable, home-like spaces: kitchens,
dining rooms, technology, teen and youth
space, playground, resource centers
• Partner space to provide community
resources that support permanent housing
and self-sufficiency - employment, advocacy,
counseling, housing search
• Access to food, clothing, basic necessities in a safe, warm environment

Our Plan

• Shelter provides singles and families a stable environment where they can fully access services toward self-sufficiency and a permanent home
• Housing First approach will coordinate agencies to more quickly and effectively support those near or experiencing homelessness
• Children are able to stay in their own community and school
• Clients receive ongoing case management and stabilization services for long-term success
• Children without a safe and stable home are more at risk for costly community and personal consequences like juvenile corrections, school disruption, family stability, and long-term health issues
• Ending chronic homelessness saves taxpayers money, an average of 49%

Leading the Way

We are grateful to the following community leaders who have joined the effort to help us
carry out our mission and provide a path to self-sufficiency to those who need it most.

Capital Campaign Leadership Cabinet

Bob Hartzheim, Co-Chair
Kristina Meilahn, Co-Chair
Louis Andrew
Jeff Baker
Mike Breszee
Katie Deaver
Mike Drees

Dawn & Joe Colwin
Terri Emmanuel
Laura Fleischman
Debra Heller
Dr. Larry Heller
Tom Herre
Barbara Lent
Amy Loof

Therese Massey
Maggie & Steve McCullough
Bob Ramstack
Father Edward Sanchez
Mary Lou Soffa
Sister Jean Steffes, CSA
Tim Twohig