Fond du Lac Homeless Stats

Homelessness can happen to anyone. Thousands of hardworking individuals and families in Fond du Lac County are one health, economic or family crisis away from losing their home.

A Growing Need in Fond du Lac County

2020 Statistics

150 people experience homelessness on any given day

Every night our family shelter is full. There are 38 families on the waitlist.

172+ students recognized as experiencing homelessness.

More than 2200 crisis calls for people needing housing or support

1 in 3 households are either living in poverty (12%) or are considered ALICE*
(24%), meaning they earn more than the Federal Poverty Level, but less than the basic cost of living for the County. COVID is making it even harder.

We provided 5300 nights of care in our family shelter.
We had 345 turndowns due to capacity challenges.
We currently have no year-round shelter for singles.

*ALICE: Asset, Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.
Sources: ALICE Threshold, 2018; American Community Survey, 2018

Homelessness isn’t someone else’s issue. It is a community issue. If ignored, it has a ripple effect throughout the community. It impacts the availability of healthcare resources, crime and safety, the workforce, and the use of tax dollars. It benefits all of us to break the cycle of homelessness.